Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hoof Update

Sorry I haven't posted this weekend.  I had to work yesterday and I've had a horrible sinus headache all day today, so this will just be a quick update.

The horses just got their trims and are looking good.  Rocky has been trotting and cantering in the pasture with no limping.  He was able to keep weight on his hooves for the entire trim instead of fighting to get his weight off of them.  When she brought his front hooves back he still jerked them away and struck forward, so that's a behavioral thing we will have to work on.  When his leg was forward and sitting on the jack he stood just fine the whole time.  He didn't fight at all with his rear hooves.  Weird.  With hubby's shoulder messed up he can't do too much, but I'll try to do some clicker training with him on holding his front legs up, building the duration very slowly.  I'm thinking it shouldn't take long before he realizes it isn't going to hurt anymore and stops trying to do that.

Sorry if this makes no sense.  I'm probably rambling because of the headache.  I'll try to update again tomorrow.  Oh and we measured Chrome again just to see how tall he is after a fresh trim and he's still 15.2hh.  He looks taller, but it's probably just because Rocky is shorter than he is lol.  :)


  1. Yay for no limping! Ypke used to always fight having her hooves picked up (moodiness issue, not lameness/pain related), and I used the clicker to help overcome it. She is great about her hooves now - I barely even have to touch them and she politely holds them up.

  2. My horses saw my farrier yesterday, they need some practice too :P
    Hope your headache is gone soon!

  3. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Wow, sounds like Rocky is really getting a lot better! Perhaps just from moving around in pasture, too. Hope hubby's shoulder, argh, and your head, gets better soon.
    Valiosa and Chrome are the same size now! Although I'll have to remeasure her again late this fall of course...


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