Saturday, October 3, 2015

Canter Comparison Video & Randomness

This boy... he poses... I swear!  So handsome.  :D

I've been wanting to get a video of Chrome and Rocky cantering together because they are just so different, but they never canter up when I have the camera (but obviously do when I don't)!  So I decided to chase them around with the longe whip to see if I could get some video.  I managed to get this short video that isn't very good, but I like it because at the end they are cantering in perfect stride!!

I don't know how well you can tell, but Chrome has much higher knee action!  :)  I'm going to try again tomorrow to get a better video.  Now I know exactly where I want to stand and how far I want to zoom in.  I zoomed in too far for this one today.

Anyway, after chasing them around Rocky wanted nothing to do with me!!  I'm wondering if he's been chased around before.  Oops.  Tomorrow I'm going to put halters on them and have hubby help me set them up for the video instead of randomly chasing them around.

Chrome on the other hand was my typical confident, curious boy.  He let me walk right up to him with the whip after I was done with the video.

 He was snorty and arched his neck when he first sniffed it.

 Then he stood at liberty and let me sling the lash all over his body.  :)

Then he did a little desensitizing of his own...

For those who can't see video here are a couple of pictures for you.

Hehehehe, he is so cute!!!  That's why I love this horse.  Since I've had him since he was five months old we just know each other so well.  He knows I would never hurt him.  I don't know how much of this is from clicker training and how much of it is just from raising him from a baby, but I love it.  :D

Here's a few more random shots...

 Still itchy... :(  I can't tell if the shampoo helped at all.
Click to enlarge this and look at his lip. It's so funny.

 I love him in black and white.  :)

 I'm going to get some pictures of Rocky tomorrow because his black fall coat is coming in and he's gorgeous!!  I'm hoping to get to ride tomorrow too.  I was going to ride today, but we were busy building the barn and it was sooooo cold!!!  It's never this cold at this time of year!  It's supposed to get back into the 70sF tomorrow though so definitely have to ride.


  1. They both look very good. Chrome is becoming more handsome all the time

    1. Awwwww thanks!! I have to agree with you. :D

  2. Ah! That video of them cantering is awesome. They are perfect.

    1. Thank you! I was afraid the video was too short, but I love how they were in the exact same stride.

  3. I love seeing all of your pictures! Chrome is so pretty!

  4. Chrome has great hock flexion, dressage horse alert! Rocky on the other hand is a ride all day sofa kind of horse!

    1. Aww thank you! They suit their roles then since Rocky is hubby's comfy trail horse and Chrome is hopefully someday my future dressage (and everything else) horse. :D

  5. Chrome is quite the model and knows it haha


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