Sunday, October 11, 2015

Horse Play - Part II

Do you know what he has in his mouth?  A pillow!!  He LOVED playing with it!!  I guess my horse likes cheap toys lol.  Here is the video.  It's very long, but totally worth watching... well to me it is hehe.

Don't worry though, for those who can't watch videos, I do have lots of pictures and screenshots.  :)  First the pictures.


 Aren't they cute??  Jackal isn't as scared of Chrome as he used to be.  :)

Now for some video screenshots.

 Smacking himself in the head lol.

 Weirdo intentionally smacked himself repeatedly with the pillow...
he tried to smack me too lol.

 He's so cute.  Also here is one more video that makes me happy.  Don't worry it's short.

I'm glad they are getting along.  I was afraid for a while there that Rocky was going to be too bossy to Chrome.  Chrome was getting gashes and bite marks on him constantly for a while there.  I'm glad they've settled everything out.  :)


  1. I liked the very beginning of the first video when the pillow went flying out of Chrome's mouth and smacked him on the butt. Jackal had me stitches whenever he wandered into frame too. He's got a funny butt. Dogs have expressive faces, but their tails and rear ends speak volumes too. Especially when someone feeds them artichoke hearts, which my husband did to Stewie today.

    1. Oh no!! Not artichokes!! Ew!!!!!!! He's going to be running people out of rooms hehe.

      The part where the pillow flew out of his mouth and smacked him on the butt was my favorite part too! :D

  2. Aw bless him having solo pillow fights!
    He is so funny and adorable! What a character ♡♡♡


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