Saturday, October 10, 2015

Horse Play - Part I

The horses were full of themselves this morning!!!!!  I got a bunch of pictures and videos, but my internet sucks so bad I'm just sharing half of it right now.  So here's the video.

It's just short clips of them playing and having fun.  For those of you who can't see videos here are some tiny, crappy video screenshots haha.

I don't want to ever have to try to sit that buck!

I think he's trying to fly!

Rocky can really trot when he wants to!!

Hauling butt!!  Chrome is really fast!

I missed a ton of the bucking... *pout*  I wish I had a pasture that I could put them in for taking videos that has no trees at all.  You'll have to ignore the panting in the video.  I was running all over our five acres trying to position myself for those clips.  I worked hard for them haha!  Sadly they always seemed to do their bucking when there were trees between us or they were too far away.  They were so wound up!

Here are some random photos from today.  We were working on the barn (update post soon), but I get easily distracted haha.

One of our best selfies yet! We're getting better.  :)

This one is probably technically a fail, but I wanted to share it because it shows the color of his face really well right now.  He's getting so flea-bitten on his face!

 Chrome hogging the camera and looking CUTE!

Jackal and our cat were being playful too.  Unfortunately the video I took messed up for some reaosn and all I got was this picture...

 I'm going to let the other video upload overnight (it's LONG) and I'll share it tomorrow.  Make sure to check back because it's awesome.  :D

P.S.  All of the pictures and videos were taken with the smartphone dad gave me.  :D


  1. I love the way both horses move and that the goats were trying to keep up. Also, the picture of Chrome watching Jackal and your cat playing is great.

    1. The goats are so funny! They make me giggle when the horses start playing because they go from trying to follow them to running for their lives when the horses turn on them haha! :D

  2. the animals all love the crisp fall air. Having Rocky is going to be great for Chrome- the two of them keep each other active which is good for his stifles.

    1. Yes definitely!! I'm very happy he has another horse again.


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