Saturday, March 19, 2016

Chrome Ride 121 - 100 Ride Challenge Ride 7 - Rocky Ride 7 (with us)

My husband does NOT take selfies so this cracked me up when I uploaded the photos!!!  I love it!  My phone battery was dead, so he was the only one with a camera.  It was windy/cool and we had our hands full, so there aren't many pictures.  Oh well!

This was their first ride on the road in five months and it was windy, so they were a little spooky.  Okay, okay, Chrome spooked at the shadow of a turkey vulture flying over...... the shadow..... so yeah.  The good news is the spooks were in place for the most part.  Chrome didn't try to spin or anything like he used to.  One part was really funny because someone let their dogs out of the house right as we were riding past, Chrome spooked because he saw them first, then Rocky spooked because Chrome spooked and because he finally saw them, but Rocky spooking made Chrome spook again and flip his tail over his back for a second.  It was hilarious!!  Chain reaction spooks!

I cut me out of the picture because I was cold and bundled up and looked awful, but Chrome is too cute not to share.  We only rode thirty minutes.  We went .60 of a mile down the road and back, so a total of 1.20 miles.  We didn't want to go too far on their first ride.  Chrome was being super balky when we were walking away from the neighbor horses and while passing certain really brushy areas.  He was definitely a little tense.

Rocky was a little balky and tried to turn around a couple of times, but he's always been barn sour, so it's not a surprise.  Overall they did pretty good.  I can't complain considering how long it's been.

 I'm so cute I can get away with balking and spooking... not!

Well, now it's off to do laundry!


  1. I can't believe how white he's getting!
    The shadow makes sense- it's a bit of surprise and you never know- it could have been a Pterodactyl!

    1. LOL!!! A pterodactyl! Maybe I should have been scared too lol. ;)


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