Saturday, March 26, 2016

Chrome Ride 123 - 100 Ride Challenge Ride 9

My horse cracks me up!!  Look at how dappled his chest is!  I only rode for ten minutes today because I got busy doing stuff (helping dad in yard, helping hubby work on my car, clipping my parent's Yorkie, etc.) and then thought I was running late for a friend's baby shower.  Turns out I still had an hour.... I guess I misread the clock and thought I only had a few minutes to ride.  It's okay though because he did something SUPER AWESOME before our ride, that I'm going to be mean and not share with you in this post because there is a video I can't get uploaded until tomorrow.  So you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about that.  He was also really awesome during the ride, so I'm still going to count the ten minutes as a ride.  :)

I rode bareback in his halter (as you can see in the above picture) around the yard.  We actually didn't do a lot of walking around (he spent the morning following me up and down the fence line as I worked in the yard, nickering at me, begging for attention so he was already warmed up).  We were working on lateral flexion and backing up.  I asked him to back up and he did great like yesterday (there is a video in yesterday's post if you missed it).  When I work on backing I do it on the driveway over the culvert so he's backing up a slight slope (good for his stifles).  The second time I asked he had just snorted so his head was down when I asked and he backed up perfectly!  I could feel his back come up.  He did it two more times (snorts are so helpful hehe) so I jumped off and praised him big time.  So that's the main reason the ride was so short.  I wanted to give him the ultimate reward (and I seriously thought I was late).  Sadly I didn't get that backing up on video because hubby was still working on my car.  Darn.

Above is the only riding picture I got.  If you look closely you'll see that I cut his mane off again.  It was driving me crazy how he had almost no mane over his withers and long mane by his ears, so I hacked it off with the scissors.  As I was cutting it I just had to grin to myself that Chrome isn't at all bothered by the sound of scissors.  Some horses hate that sound!

 So cute!

I guess that's all there is to say.  I got them a new salt block and Chrome attacked it.  You can see his roached mane in the above picture.  The rain starts again tomorrow and I have a LONG day at work (yes on Easter) so I won't be riding tomorrow, but I will post the surprise video.  I hope everyone has a happy Easter!!


  1. I like the way he looks with his roached mane. He has such a lovely neck.

  2. Love the close up of his smile!

    1. Thank you!! He's so cute. I wish you could see him do it in person. He's so enthusiastic with it lol.


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