Sunday, March 27, 2016

Chrome Easter Ride 124 - 100 Ride Challenge Ride 10 - Exciting Video From Yesterday!

 If I was still doing monthly progress reports (I should be, but I haven't been....) this would make a pretty good conformation shot.  I wish I'd stuck with that because it would have been awesome to see his color changes in monthly conformation pictures.  Oh well.

So a cold front came through, but it didn't rain after all.  When I got off work I was in absolute agony (still am to be honest, several hours later) from my pinched nerve, but I couldn't pass up the chance for a short Easter ride in the sunshine.  I was going to ride in the halter again, but Chrome was feeling frisky so I put the bridle on him.  I still rode bareback though.  We rode for seventeen minutes around the yard.

He was super alert, but not out of control.  Hubby hand walked Rocky with us to keep us company (he did a lot of work on my car and tilling the garden, so his back wasn't feeling up to riding).  Chrome was fine if he was in front of Rocky, but if we got behind them he kept wanting to walk right up on his heels and then would spaz out when Rocky put his ears back.... dork.  If he'd just stop getting close he wouldn't have had to worry about Rocky, but he was easily out walking them (he was walking out so much bigger than he has recently, in part because he was running around, playing and bucking earlier in the day lol).  He was pulling on me which hurt my shoulder really bad, so I started making him stand still, let Rocky get ahead and then walk really big to catch up, repeat.  We also worked on lateral flexion when he didn't want to stand still, but that was torture on my shoulder too.

We did a little bit of backing up, but he was getting mad and pawing because hubby and Rocky were walking down the other driveway without him lol.  He did okay with it though and then stood still when I asked while we waited on them to come back.  Then the wind picked up and I got really cold (I was in short sleeves, hubby was in shorts), so I called it quits after seventeen minutes.

When I first got home from work and went out to the pasture to get Chrome, I called his name and he stampeded from the back of the pasture, bucking all the way.  Seeing his exuberance I almost chickened out on the ride... I knew I couldn't do that though because if I did it would just set me up to not ride next time.  I'm glad I rode, since he ended up being fine, but I probably shouldn't have considering how much pain I'm in.  I'm too stubborn not to though... if I have to suffer all day at work then I can put up with the pain to ride when I get home dang it!

 Afterward Chrome acted exhausted... just kidding, he was yawning in anticipation of getting fed.

Here are some more random pictures because my boys are cute!

 I captured that perfect evening light on his face.  I love it!

 Watching my hubby walk to the house and back.  He totally knew he was about to get fed hehe.

 Doing his cute continuous nicker at hubby.

Chrome getting fed.  So gorgeous!

Okay, I almost forgot about the video.  As I mentioned yesterday, I clipped my parent's Yorkie.  They bought a new pair of clippers so I can clip Mac for them.  That way they don't have to take him to the groomer anymore.  It's a really nice cordless pair of clippers too!  I don't mind clipping their dog because he is very well behaved for it and it's actually fun.

So afterward when I got Chrome out and started grooming him for our ride I decided to cut his mane off.  I couldn't take it anymore!  So I got out the scissors and hacked it off.  I didn't like the way it still had some long hairs folded over, so I decided to introduce Chrome to the new clippers.  This was only the second time Chrome has ever seen clippers in his entire life.

I shared a video on this post back in 2014 of the first time.  He was so tense in that video!!  I'll post it below so you can compare.  Here is the video from yesterday, uncut except for removing conversation I don't want on the internet.  It's kind of long, but I really wanted to share the whole process.  If you get bored, just skip to the end to see how he relaxed.  I rewarded him by ending the session when he chose to sniff the clippers in my hand all by himself.  :)  Oh and the part at the beginning shows how he watches me when I got inside while he's tied up.  So cute.

Here is the video from the first time.

See the difference?  He was wary yesterday, but he was a lot more relaxed at the end compared to the first time.  The whole thing only took ten minutes.  I wasn't able to clip much though because the clippers aren't big or strong enough.  They are specifically for dogs, not horses.  I might have to get a pair of horse clippers.  Any suggestions?  Nothing too expensive since I'd only use it for roaching his mane once or twice a year.

Here is a picture from yesterday where you can see the point where I stopped clipping lol.

That's all for today!  I hope you enjoyed the videos and pictures!


  1. I love Chrome's cute spiky mane in the "between the ears" pics :D

    1. Me too! I always hesitate to cut his mane off when he actually manages to grow a little, but then when I do I'm so happy I did it. I think it looks great on him. :D

  2. I hope your shoulder starts feeling better, soon. Glad you are still able to ride.

  3. Some people dislike a roached mane, but so long as the horse has a nice neck & head (which Chrome does) I think it can look really nice, not to mention tidy.
    When we were kids, my Dad used to roach the mane but leave the forelock & a big handful of hair by the withers for us to use as a handhold (we rode bareback until we 'earned' our saddles).

    1. Aww thank you! I agree. I love how low maintenance it is too. I much prefer the extra time I get to spend currying him than having to untangle and maintain a mane lol. :D


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