Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Chrome Ride 125 - 100 Ride Challenge Ride 11

I wasn't going to ride because my neck and shoulder were hurting, but Chrome was begging for attention so I decided to hop on bareback for twenty minutes.  It's been a bit cooler lately and he's been very energetic.  He was walking out so forward that I thought something was wrong at first lol.  I'm not used to his big walk anymore because he's been walking slow due to his stifles being so weak and being so out of shape.  I'm glad the exercise is helping him move and feel better.  :D

Anyway there isn't much to say.  I didn't work on backing or anything because my shoulder hurt and he was being so forward I just wanted to let him walk out.  I kind of let him decide where he wanted to go and we made loops all through the yard, trees and driveway.  It was fun.

Can you tell what he's sniffing?

 The cat!

 This cat has no sense of self preservation.  Chrome's hoof is right next to him and he won't move!

I probably won't ride over the next two days because of work and weather, so I'm glad I rode today.  :D

P.S.  I'm actually posting this the next day and back posting it to the correct day because I forgot to post it the day of the ride.  Sorry for any confusion!


  1. Sounds like a great ride, hope your back/shoulder feels better soon :)

    1. It's feeling okay right now. I'll do an update in a bit.

  2. Some of my favourite rides are impromptu bareback adventures where Oscar picks where we go. Inevitably we end up in a pile of knee high grass, but finding said grass can be fun!

    Oh and I just die at that cat; my cats would run a mile. So cute! If I owned it I'd totally freak out that it was going to be stepped on, but it makes for cuuuute pictures!

    Also, new here - so surprised that your pony's sire is a purebred friesian! I have a friend with a friesian stallion and she breeds it to literally everything (not great!). One thing I've noticed is that the foals always come out looking like friesians! Even the filly whose dam was an appy pony looked like a friesian. Crazy, Chrome surely took his dam's genes appearance wise?

    1. Thank you for reading!! I'll have to check yours out too.

      I did let him choose where to go at one point, but he kept wanting to go out in the woods and it's too wet, he would have sunk to his hocks so I had to turn him back to the yard. It had me giggling for sure. :D

      The cat scares me to death!! He HAS been stepped on. I saw it happen and he limped around for a week, but he's fine and he still doesn't act scared.... I'm telling you, he has no sense of self preservation lol.

      Yes, he's been DNA tested and his sire is a purebred Friesian. Chrome did inherit a lot of the Arabian characteristics from his dam, but he definitely has a lot of the Friesian ones. I think the lack of hair and his color just distracts from his Friesian side. I don't know about in pictures, but in person I can definitely see his sire in the set of his neck and his top line in general. He definitely didn't get the Arab croup. He did get the Friesian personality which was the most important part to me so I don't mind that he doesn't have the hair or color. :D I think build wise he's a fairly even blend. When he was younger he definitely looked like an Arab because he was so narrow, but now that he's broadened out he's looking like a blend between the two. I'm so happy with how he turned out, because as I'm sure you've seen it can be a gamble when crossing a Friesian with something like an Arab. The really interesting thing is I've looked at his half siblings that are Friesian/Arabian and they all look just alike!! So there is something about his Friesian sire that just crosses well with Arabians. :D I should do a post sometime about his siblings. There are some really gorgeous ones.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!!


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