Friday, March 6, 2015

TOABH: Ermahgerd

Beka's next blog hop is:  Ermahgerd.
What is your pony's absolute favorite riding activity?  What makes those little ears perk and causes the knees to lift?  Let's just focus on the favorites - we'll save the bucks for next week.

Chrome loves riding out on the roads and his favorite activity while out there (besides spooking) is showing off for other horses!  He puffs himself up, flips his tail and prances.  It's unnerving to me as the rider because it feels like he's going to explode, but as my hubby pointed out... it's all my fault...

You know how they say a puppy (or baby goat or baby any animal) is sooo cute when they jump up on you, but when they are over a hundred pounds it's not cute anymore?  Well, even though I knew better I thought it was sooooooo cute how he acted when we went for our walks and saw neighbor horses.  He would stick his nose in the air, flip his tail and prance.  Instead of correcting him I giggled, ran around with him and tried to take pictures like these below...

I just realized we had a neighbor with a white board fence at the old house and we have one at this new house too.... odd.  You can see the one at this house in the snow riding pictures I just posted.

So since it's my fault I obviously can't get mad at him.  I just have to patiently retrain his response to other horses.  I think it's going well considering last fall I rode him by horses he's never seen before on the buckle while they were trotting around.  We've come a long way!

Also while looking for the above pictures I randomly ran across this last one and had to post it.  So cute!


  1. he's got such a lovely trot :)

  2. He just floats, he is stunning. Spoiling him or not you have done a great job bringing him up and training him to be ridden on your own *praise*

  3. But the prancing is just adorable!!

    1. Yes his adorableness is my downfall hehe. :D


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