Sunday, March 15, 2015

TOABH: Fail and DTR

I missed last week's blog hop so I'm just doing two at once.  :)  First up is: Fail.
We know what makes Thunderhooves happy, but what does he hate to do?  Let's not ignore those times that you have whip out all the tricks or pharmaceuticals for grooming.

Part of the reason I missed this one is because I was doing so much thinking.  I couldn't think of anything he hated lol.  There are things he doesn't like, such as bits (because I banged his teeth, but we fixed that with sugar and he grabs it on his own now), baths (but he is very good for them and sometimes he does like them if it's really hot), backing up (but that's because of his stifles, it's very difficult for him), deworming (but I can do it free in the pasture with no halter or rope on him because of the clicker training we did and I always follow it up with a treat), etc.  Just like with people there are things he doesn't like, but he does them because that's just life.  The one and only time I used clippers around him he was very wary, but I don't think it will take any time at all to get him used to them.  He doesn't really like the trailer because it's too small for him, but he does load thanks to clicker training.  After having a puncture wound in his hock, he decided he didn't like the stocks at the vet, so when I took him to get his teeth done I had to back him into them.  That's something I really want to work on, but I don't know anyone with stocks we could practice on.  The only thing he's had to be sedated for was getting gelded (duh) and having his teeth done.  I have no idea if he would tolerate getting his teeth done without sedation because it's never been an option. If I ever get the chance to try it, especially for a manual float I definitely will.  The only machine I've found that he doesn't like is the air compressor.  That hissing sound it makes when you put it on or take it off the valve stem freaks him out.  I think the main reason for that is because we had a flat while he was on the trailer and had to air it up.  He associated the two together.  We will work on that too.  He's also afraid to go into water by himself.  If I lead him or another horse goes in first he's fine.  That is just inexperience.  I think the biggest thing he hates is being ignored... obviously hehe.  Okay so I came up with more than I thought I would.  Chrome really is great about most everything and if he's not it doesn't take long for him to figure out that it's okay to do whatever I'm asking.

The blog hop this week is: Defining the Relationship
Let's be realistic.  What's the plan with your pony?  Is it a five-year investment with a return, is it until you move up beyond the Kin's abilities, or is it forever?

Chrome is for life.  He is my dream horse and my heart horse.  I hope we can grow old together.  Trail riding is my main love and goal, but I want Chrome to be an all around horse than can do anything and everything.  There are so many things I want to try with him including dressage, working equitation, competitive trail riding, driving, parades, camping, working cattle, cattle drive, riding on the beach, fox hunting, SCA, archery, mounted shooting, sidesaddle, etc.  So you see, he has to be for life because it will take us years to do all of these things.  :D  I can't wait!

P.S.  I almost forgot.  If something happened to me, my husband can and will care for him.  If something happened to both of us, my parents would.  If something happened to all of us I have no idea what would happen.  I have several people I would consider sending him to, but I haven't made a firm decision yet.... it's so hard to decide!


  1. Chrome is so sensible and you've done a good job with him.

  2. you and Chrome have so many fun times ahead of you!!! can't wait to see what you tackle first from that list of things to try :)


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