Monday, March 30, 2015

TOABH: Instrospection

This week Beka asks:  Introspection
What would your horse change about you?

This is an interesting thing to think about.  I think if Chrome could change anything about me he would make me more lenient with the treats obviously (what horse wouldn't?).  He would make me stay outside with him all the time to entertain him and scratch all of his itches (and feed more treats).  He would make me loosen up and relax out on trail rides and completely give him the reins so he could go where he wanted at whatever pace he wanted.

Less of this...

 Watching my neighbor gallop her horse...

More of this...

Other than that I think he's pretty happy with me.  :D  Great blog hop Beka!


  1. haha my mare would love if i doled out more treats (not that she isn't already spoiled lol)


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