Saturday, January 27, 2018

Two Horse Tack - Buckle Nose Halter Review

Doesn't look bad for four days post colic...

I have two things to say before we get started in this post. First I'm sorry my horse is filthy and for the low light crappy cell phone pictures.  I'll get better pictures eventually (if it stops raining).  Second, I LOVE this halter!!  I have one other halter from Two Horse Tack (see post here, but it turned into Rocky's halter, so I'm so excited to have another one for Chrome in blue!!

I was contacted by Two Horse Tack (click here for their website) asking if I wanted to test out and review their buckle nose halter (click here for the direct link to this halter).  Of course I said yes because I love the other halter so much.  In case there are people who haven't heard of Two Horse Tack I'll explain a little about their products.  They use beta biothane which is an alternative to leather.  It's stronger, more durable, easier to clean and more comfortable than leather or nylon and it doesn't fade or crack.  You can read more about it here (click here for link). In my experience all of their claims are true.  I honestly will probably never go back to leather.  I'm not going to get rid of the leather and nylon halters I have now, but if they need replaced I'll likely go with biothane tack from here on out. 

Now on to pictures and more specific information on this particular halter.

 Eating clover in January, just days after a snow, gotta love the South!

I LOVE how adjustable this halter is!  It has the buckle on the nose obviously, but it also has the throatlatch clip and buckles on both sides of the crownpiece. It is the most adjustable halter I've ever used.  I was pleasantly surprised that it has the throatlatch clip because that is a required feature in all of my halters.  I love it.  I also love the double clips on the crown because it makes it so much easier to fit it to the horse.  I've never used a nose buckle halter before (with the buckle on top), but I can tell I'm going to be a fan.  It makes bridling so much easier because you just unbuckle the nose and let it drop, then put the bridle on and the horse is never loose.  You don't have to unbuckle the halter, drop it off the nose and buckle it around the neck again.  It makes me wish I had cross ties because this would make it so much simpler to tack up in cross ties.

You can see how many ways there are to adjust it in this picture. My other halter (blog post linked at the beginning of this post) has an adjustable nose, but the buckle is on the underside which I love for making it fit Chrome's smaller nose, but it is still awkward for bridling.  I definitely think I'm going to prefer the nose buckle being on top.  I can't wait to try it out some more.  I'll update again when I have better pictures.

 Munching on his beet pulp.

I didn't know exactly what I was getting, so I was a little surprised how narrow the straps are, but I think they look really good on Chrome!  It looks less clunky than the other one and doesn't drown his face.  I really like it!  Obviously you have a choice on which size to get, so if you don't like narrow they have the thicker straps too.  I love how many options they provide.

 He found the hay bale in the truck hehe.

Chrome should totally be a model!  I'll definitely have to get better pictures on a less dreary day.

I had to share this picture.... classic example of why you have to pay attention to the background when taking pictures... it looks like he's eating Coral's head!

Here is an example of the nose piece unbuckled.  It can easily be slid back on the neck and then you are free to put the bridle on with no interference.  I love that!  Anyway I'll update again when I have better pictures.  If you've been on the fence about getting something from Two Horse Tack I vote go for it.  I'm a huge fan of the biothane and I've always had good experiences with them and they've always shipped very fast (keep in mind if you order something custom it's going to take longer to ship than something like this that they already had on hand).  Feel free to share your experiences below. 


  1. I love their products, too. Cole has a regular halter with bling. I like the narrower straps because, like Chrome, Cole has a more refined face, and the narrow straps suit them better.

    1. I really was surprised how nice the narrower straps look on Chrome! Cole does have a refined, adorable face. :)

  2. I just wrote 2HT an email but lost it so I'll just say it here - I like their stainless steel and 3/4inch beta, and the fact that they will break in emergencies (the stitching will come undone) so all their halters are safety halters. I do not like the lack of keepers on their bridles and breastcollars - they look unfinished to me. I also would like padding on the halter's noseband and crownpiece (which would add an accent color, esp. if the padding and keepers are the same color). Also, unpadded breastcollars make me cringe because on hills there is a lot of pressure on that thin strap. When they add these options to their products, I'll buy stuff!

    I'd love to see that same halter of Chrome's in black with white stitching.

    1. They have been slowly expanding their inventory as they've grown. They have so many more options now than when they first started out. Don't give up hope on them yet!


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