Sunday, June 26, 2011

Faran Learning To Accept Fly Spray

My husband was digging through his dad's old stuff and found a noseband that should work great for a cavesson for Faran. It's a tiny bit small around his nose, especially once we add the rings, but we should be able to add holes to it no problem. I think he looks cute in it.

I also have a video of a clicker session teaching Faran to accept fly spray. This was only the third time my husband had worked on it. The first two times were short sessions of just spraying the water in the air and not touching him with it. I tried to keep this video as whole as possible so you can see the true progression, but there were interruptions.

Ignore me in the video. I was apparently tired and zoned out because I was making no sense at all lol. :)


  1. That sure is one good looking horse! He seems to be accepting the spray well. I bet he will feel better too without those flies bothering him.

    Mango Momma


  2. Faran is a fast learner. It is also very nice to see a husband working with a horse. Will Faran be his riding horse?

  3. Yes I intend to ride him. Since he spent most of his life in harness I am going to utilize that ability around the lease land to help me do some heavier work.

  4. It's great that you seem to have found treats he likes. I just love his nibbly lip, he seems very polite. Green Headed Fly? Oh My! Sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, are they pretty nasty? Do they eat humans?? Yuck! There was a spot at around the 2 min. mark into the video when your husband sprayed Faran for the first time I think, and Faran was good, and your husand turned to you with the biggest smile, priceless! It is so nice to see a husband take a true interest in the same thing that you enjoy. Good boy Faran!

  5. That is one creepy garganguan(SP?) freekin' fly! It looks like it could pick Fred up and fly away with him...Yikes! When I lived in Ohio I remember deer flies and they hurt! It seems they preferred the top of my head. No wonder the horses hate them. Maybe sometime you could capture a photo of one of those monsters.


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