Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trouble Posting Comments?

I know there have been a lot of problems lately with posting comments in Blogger land so just wanted to ask, is anyone having problems posting comments or is everyone just outside enjoying summer? :D If you're having problems posting comments please email me at storm_glory(at)yahoo(dot)com and I'll see if I can find the problem. Thanks guys.

Edit: I got an email saying that if I change my comment form from embedded to pop up or full page that I won't have problems anymore, so I changed it. I wish I'd known what the problem was sooner. Thank you so much for the advice Mary I really appreciate it!! So leave me a comment and let me know if it's working again. Also if you have time check out my last post for a video of Chrome ground driving and let me know what you think. Advice and suggestions are always welcome since it's only my second time teaching a horse to ground drive. Thanks guys!


  1. I think the problems are fixed now! I was having problems (not just on your blog, though)!


  2. Comments working now :)

    So cute how Chrome loves your husband!
    Enjoyed the video...

  3. Yes, I have been having problems posting comments for a while now. Hopefully, it's fixed now. Yep it is!!

  4. Your welcome. It was getting pretty frustratng for a while there and it wasn't just your blog that I was having probs with. I knew it was hit or miss on the e-mail thing, I'm glad you got it.

  5. I can comment on your blog again! I learned how to fix the problem from another blogger also - I just read your comment on my blog and was going to tell you how to fix...but another helpful blogger beat me to it :)

  6. I have problems with all blogs! Drives me nuts!


I appreciate all comments, advice and questions! Your comments are what makes blogging so worth it. I love to hear from my followers, so thanks for taking the time to share your comments. :)