Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Faran's New Halter & 2nd Clicker Session Video

We named the new horse! His name is Gypsy King Faran, or Faran for short. It has several correct pronunciations, but we're pronouncing it fair-un. Faran comes from David Edding's fictional destrier, Faran, mount of Sir Sparhawk in the The Elenium and The Tamuli series.

I spent last night making Faran a rope halter like Chrome's only in red. Good grief I forgot how difficult and frustrating that is lol. It turned out great and only needed minor adjustments. He was calm while we tried it on him in the dark last night. I was proud of him, he didn't spook once.

Today we tied him up and my husband groomed him all over while I took pictures. He didn't act sensitive at all about being groomed or touched anywhere, so it's weird he acts so skittish when he's loose. I think he learned to play hard to catch at one time and is just skittish about noises and fast movements. He's calming down really quickly though. He doesn't spook at traffic or us slamming car doors or anything anymore.

In fact Faran loves grooming! He stretches out and contorts himself around while being brushed trying to get the best itchy spots scratched. Above is a picture of him stretching out. I love how his skin wrinkles. Pudgy guy needs to go on a diet lol.

He's so gorgeous!

I took some pictures for comparison for when we get him trimmed. This is his left hind that he had stretched out so it looks weird since he's on his toe.

Right hind, he thought it needed to be hidden by his tail silly boy.

And his fronts. The cracks look awful but he's not sore or lame. I'm going to try again to find some flax seed or I'll find some other hoof supplement. Putting him on the Enrich 32 will help a lot, but I think he needs something in addition to support his hooves while they grow out.

Giving his apprehensive expression at the brush. He's a little nervous about most everything, but quickly calms down and accepts things easily. Well, we shall see on the fly spray. I sprayed his detangler once in the air next to him and he almost panicked! We will use clicker to get him used to that once he understands the click.

He has such pretty eyes.

You can almost see the white in his eye. I know he'll always be sensitive, but I hope someday he feels confident enough that he isn't so scared anymore.

One of my favorite pictures of him.

Now here is the video. I left it unedited so you can see everything. This is Faran and my husband's second session with clicker training. My husband has watched me train my dogs and horse with clicker training, but he hasn't actually ever used it. I talk too much in the video, coaching and offering suggestions and reminders. He knows everything I told him, but I understand how much there is to concentrate on. Anyway let me know what you think!


  1. That was really neat to watch. In no time he (Faran) got from being a little afriad of the ball, to seeking it out for the treat! I loved listening to the interaction between your hubby and you. I could tell he was really trying to get he rhythm of touch.click.treat. I struggle with that myself. I thought he did a good job. I really enjoy the videos. Do you know why his feet are so cracked? It looks painful, I'm glad it's not.

  2. Wow! I haven't been able to do much blog reading in a week+. Just checking in and so happy to see your new addition. Faran is a very handsome, hunky boy. Sounds like he has found the best home with you and your husband. I liked the video very much. That's the first I've seen of clicker training.

  3. He sure is a big boy! He has a kind eye too. I think once you get his horrible feet trimmed up he'll look great!

  4. Oh yeah, I wanted to say I LOVE your halter! How did you make it??

    It looks really good on Faran too.

  5. OMG, I LOVE the name!! Faran is sooooooo cool. I wish I could think up cool names like that! Congrats again, and the video is cool as well!!!

  6. Am I the only weirdo who likes watching clicker training with nervous animals? LOL...

    you and your husband rock. what a great experience for you all. and his hoofs.... oh my, i don't know anything about horses, but they didn't look good! glad he's not lame. and yes, he's a bit chubby... Juno and I would call him "fatsey" as that's what i called Juno and Loki before they lost weight. ;)

    but seriously, he's already on the clicker! i'm surprised you start with targeting. i've learned to "charge' the clicker a different way -- meaning give the clicker meaning of it's cue (food will follow) before asking a dog/horse to do something like a target. so you would use food as lure and get the dog/horse to follow or come to you, then click reward. or just click reward for attention to me. then move on to something like targeting or sits or whatever. but i don't much about horses so maybe the targeting is better since he's tied ? either way, he's getting it so it doesn't much matter how you charge the clicker!

    but so interesting. i love it.

    nice name btw! love it!

  7. Faran is very handsome! Your husband will have great fun with him :)

  8. Nice eye photos. You can see Faran catch on very quickly and stop being frightened by the clicker noise.


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