Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Picture Update

I just thought I would share some pictures I took of the handsome boy this morning so you can see for yourself how well he's doing. :) The flies were bothering him so after he ate I groomed him, fly sprayed him and let him graze in the back yard. I love my fly spray. It kills the ticks which are such a problem but it also leaves his coat so soft and shiny. :) Also I have his halter pretty loose in these pictures because of that cut on his throat. It's looking so good I don't want to risk breaking it back open.

He kept stepping on his rope. Silly boy. It aggravates him but he doesn't panic.

The sun was really bright so this picture was washed out really bad. I tried it in grayscale and it looks a little better. He's just so pretty I couldn't delete this picture. :)

Also I found a cute Friesian/Belgian cross online that is close by and for sale for only $900 and I really want him, but we can't afford a second horse right now. He turned two years old two days ago. He's fifteen hands. Calm and sweet. The reason his price is so low is because the owner has Parkinson's disease so a friend is selling the horses for him. The friend doesn't have proof that the colt is half Friesian, although he has met the dam so he knows the Belgian part is right. He's also not registered. I can definitely see the Friesian in him so I'd be willing to pay that price, but I can't . . . makes me so sad. He and Chrome are the same size and age. They'd be cute together and then my husband would have a horse to ride when they turn three. Oh well. We will find a perfect horse for my husband someday when the time is right. Here is a picture of the cute colt.

I'll just daydream. :) Hope you guys are having a good week. Mine is starting to look a little better. :)


  1. Chrome is looking much more gray now.

    That other colt is very cute. Yes, I can see the Friesian in him. That's too bad you can't get him but you probably don't need another mouth to feed right now.

  2. Oh, I have raised 2 baby horses now. That's enough for me, LOL.

    I let Enzo eat with his halter and rope all the time, so he learned to not freak out if he stepped on it. I did it with all my horses:)


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