Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Still Here

I'm still here. I've been working incredibly long hours and it's been almost one hundred degrees outside, so when I'm not working I've been swimming or working inside the house. I've done a lot of spring cleaning and rearranging in my house. It's starting to look nice again. Now that I'm not having to close (10:30pm) at work anymore I'm going to try to start getting up early again so I can work with Chrome before it gets super hot outside. Sorry I haven't been posting. :)


  1. Take it easy and post when you can.

  2. Hope it cools down for you too, it's really hot up to the north too so no relief here. Hope all is well

  3. LOL, just playing with you! Since, you like people to post back. Yeah, it's even super hot in MI. Ok, have fun!


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