Friday, June 24, 2011

Faran's 5th Clicker Session Video & Chrome's Injured Again

We started out our work with Faran today with my husband grooming him at liberty with no rope, completely unrestrained. He's doing so well! Faran still walks away at times when he needs a break, but after a minute let's us approach again and happily stands still for more brushing.

Faran is very curious about the camera so I get quite a few pictures like these lol!

My husband dropped the brush. Faran had to investigate. :)

Checking out his brush again.

Here he's playing with his other brush. I'm so happy to see his confidence and curiosity come out.

He had enough brushing and walked away for a minute, but he's still watching my husband.

Standing at liberty to be brushed. He even returned the favor! Check out this video.

So pretty!

Faran loves playing with the treat bag so we decided to work on treat manners (e.g. no mugging/Grownups are talking, do not interrupt game). We also worked on following the target which he did great! Here's the video.

I didn't get a chance to work with Chrome tonight, although I did a little with him this morning, which was basically review of what he already knows, because I was promoted at work and the hours have been crazy. The sad news is that he's injured himself AGAIN. This time it's a gash across his nostrils. It was getting really dark so I couldn't take pictures. I put Carona on it and will check better in the morning, clean it up really well and medicate it. It wasn't bleeding or deep, so I'm sure it's mostly superficial. Well, that's all tonight. Time for bed!


  1. Wow I'm so excited for you!!! Faran looks awesome, I really love draft breeds of horse they're so sensitive and intelligent. Looks like he's already taking to clicker training really well and look forward to see his progression.

    Hope Chrome heals up soon. And yay I managed to finally be able to leave a comment lol!! :)

  2. Those lips! I love it! I think he's a very smart boy. I thought is was really when the first firecracker went off he didn't even flinch. Then when he was going to shake off a fly and immdediately quit when he heard the click! Priceless! I can tell he knows that the click means treat now. Great job! (don't forget men can't multi task as well as we can, your giving your husband a lot to think about) hee hee. I think you should "click" and give your hubby a treat! LOL. I can't forget Chrome, I hope his lip/nose heals up quickly, I wonder what he got into? Silly boy!

  3. Faran is looking absolutely beautiful!!! Awww, poor Chrome. I hope he heals up well.

  4. I'm sure Chrome will be fine. Love Faran what a beauty and so smart. Have fun with them both.

  5. Faran is lovely - handsome and smart - total package :) Hoping that Chrome's hurt is minor and heals quickly :)


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