Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Year End Review - Part I

I wasn't going to do a year end review because I thought it would be hideously boring since we never do anything, but it actually made me realize how much we did do!!  So I'm glad I did it!  I'll be breaking it up into a couple of posts because my internet is being slow and I don't want to bog computers down...


I rode for the first time in a while on New Year's Day!  I hadn't been riding because I fell on ice and got stepped on by Chrome so my leg was healing (to read more click here).

My only goal for 2014 was to live in the moment and enjoy every single day to the best of my abilities.  I think I did a really good job.  I still let my anxiety get a hold of me at times and worried about things out of my control, but on the whole I did a lot better with it (recently at least).

I actually got pictures so you guys could see how I deworm the wild donkey (see post here).

Chrome was back to letting me approach him and love on him when he was laying down to nap.  :D  Moving to a new home took some adjusting for everyone.

Chrome finally started dappling out!!


It snowed....

.... and snowed....

Sorry for no helmet, didn't have one because I honestly did not know I would get to ride.

A dream came true for me and I got to ride my best friend's new purebred Friesian mare (she's put on a LOT of weight and looks soooo much better, there will be more pictures of her later).  See more in this post.

February 24th 2014 was one of the worst days of my life because I had to put my sweet Stormy to sleep.  She was four months away from turning thirteen years old and was in kidney failure.  :(


It's March before I'm finally able to talk about Storm and the decision to put her to sleep (post here).

We got... more... snow.... okay it was ice, but still... weird!

I actually did a bit of riding in March, but they were short, bareback rides.  His stifles were a little sticky, but we made some progress with turning like a grown up horse instead of a wide opening rein like a baby.

I wrote out the list of CTR obstacles with great plans to work on them... and then didn't.  Mainly because I didn't have the stuff to make the obstacles.  I do need to work on them though!  Here is the post.  I did work on one obstacle though that was pretty cool!  Link here.

 Can you believe I'm 5'10" and he's only 16.1hh?  
His presence and high head set makes him seem so much taller.  :)

Another dream came true in March.  I got to meet Chrome's sire Jan!!!  Click here to see more pictures and read all about meeting him.


In April I started off the month well scoring some great deals at a tack sale.

I got an awesome book called Equine Fitness that helped me understand how to get Chrome fit safely and enabled me to come up with a plan to strengthen his stifles especially.  All of the fitness posts can be viewed here.

 I had the great pleasure of meeting and photographing a gorgeous Friesian foal that a friend of mine bred (I don't think I ever mentioned it but he was reserve champion colt and got 2nd premie at his keuring!!!).

I shared a video here of my sheltered Chrome on one of our hand walks past a neighbor's horses.  He gets so excited!

We finally found a new home for our Percheron Faran.  You can read about it here.  (He's still doing great by the way!!)

Be sure to check back for the rest of our review!!  I'll be posting them on rainy days so they might not be on consecutive days.


  1. Can't wait for the rest :) Love the photos in this post. I'm so sorry about Storm. <3

  2. I'm seriously loving all these annual recaps.
    Love all the photos - thanks for sharing ☺

    1. Thanks for all the comments! It was a nice surprise when I checked my email this morning. :-)

    2. Sorry may have gone a little overboard that day - am after falling behind a few days again so consider this your comment overload warning ;-)

    3. LOL! Don't apologize! I love it!!!!

  3. ooh love the review! it's kinda crazy how when you look back on it all you realize how much really happened! anyways, i'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the posts!!

    1. It really does!! I'm so glad I went ahead and did it. :-)


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