Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Year End Review - Part II

Here is part two of our year end review!


On our 49th ride I finally got the guts to ride past the neighbor horses instead of getting off to walk!  Click here for the post.

I gave an update on Faran here.

We went on our first sort of solo ride on the road!  Click here.

I had to put my sixteen year old cat to sleep... :(

 Sorry for no helmet...

I got to ride my best friend's Friesian mare again.  We did an awesome photo shoot of me in a dress!  I don't wear dresses often hehe.  To see more pictures click here.  Can you believe that's the same mare I showed in my first review post as my first ride on a purebred Friesian??

Chrome turned five years old!  He got a birthday present and I practiced braiding his tail for the first time in my entire life.  See the post here.

We cantered for the first time (and the first time wasn't on purpose hehe)!  Click here to see a video.

Chrome wore a bit for the first time!  Click here.

Here is another cantering video that shows how he crow hops sometimes.

I hurt my back a lot this year for some reason so we did ground work too.

Chrome got his teeth done as well as his annual vaccines and coggins.  Click here.


He's still not sure about wearing a bit.

Chrome played in the pond while wearing his bridle (and I still haven't cleaned it shhh).

We had our second ride with the bit and started playing with half halts. Click here.

Even though I'm riding him I still take him for hand walks on the road to get him used to the neighborhood.  You can see more pictures here.

I rode Chrome bareback and bridleless!  See the post here.

We took some liberty shots in the round pen.  :)  Click here.

I miss being able to look out my window to see my horse on my porch!  We are in the process of screening it in so he can't get on there anymore.  *pout*


Chrome and I get the **** scared out of us by a sudden summer storm.  Click here.

We went on a solo ride for the first time with a bit.  See the post here.

We had an awesome fourth of July ride!!  More pictures here.

We had fun talking about the potential Chrome has for various sports in this post here.

Chrome got tangled in wire, but was fine.  Click here for more details.

We went for a solo ride down a new road Chrome had never been down.  Post is here.

On our 61st ride I finally fell off (and killed my camera).  You have to read the post here if you haven't already!

We can't canter!  I think it was his stifles... and maybe a case of hot, sleepy, I don't wanna pony (see above picture).


I updated my 30 before 30 list and that was literally the only post for August.....

Sorry that one was kind of short.  Only one post left!


  1. Your shots of Chrome just get more and more beautiful! As does he. :)

  2. What a busy year, you sure packed a lot in ☺☺

    1. And didn't even realize it!! It was a fun year. :-)

  3. sooo many things happening!! love these recaps - and love seeing how much Chrome is maturing through the year!!! :) (and that dunk in the pond was definitely a bummer for your camera, but kinda a cute story lol)

    1. I still giggle when I think about it! It was a lot funnier than this recent fall that's for sure. I can't even swim but falling in water is definitely preferable!


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