Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chrome wears the bit and does something naughty (video!)

 "Let me go.. can't reach itch..."

Don't worry, I turned him loose so he could scratch.  :)  Okay so today was the first day I've see blue skies (mostly) and sunshine in so many days I thought I was going to lose my mind.  Problem is... my back is hurting again!  Ugh!!!!  Here's the whole story.  A month ago I hurt my lower back on the left side.  It got better in a couple of days.  Last weekend I hurt my lower back again... right side this time.  In a few days it was feeling better, but my left side started hurting again from compensating. NOW my right side is hurting again.... it's been a whole week and it sucks!  I need a chiropractor, but with a freaking $3,000 deductible I can't afford it.

Anyway, since the sun was out I wanted to do something with Chrome, but I didn't really feel up to riding.  So I decided to put the bridle on him and let him get used to the bit, since he's only worn it that one day.  So I let him graze in the yard while I brushed him (the above picture is before I brushed him), but the flies were driving us crazy!  One even bit me on the leg.  No wonder they freak out... it HURTS!

So I sprayed him and got the bridle.  I had my husband take a video.

Yeah I hid behind the tree because I hadn't combed my hair since waking up and I was in skimpy clothes because it was hot lol.  I think I bumped the top of his mouth because he didn't jerk his head back like that last time.  With practice he will get better with it.  All the rest of the moving around was because of flies.  I also gave him a piece of apple because one of my awesome blog readers reminded me to give the poor guy a treat for taking the bit.  Thank you!!

 Isn't he handsome???

I let him wonder around the pasture (while I supervised and took pictures) and he really didn't chew it as much as I thought he would.  He pooped in his favorite spot and then took off walking across the pasture.

I had his reins wrapped so he couldn't hang a leg in them.
Isn't his mohawk so cute??

He went straight for the pond and I started to stop him because I didn't want the reins to get wet, but then I thought it would be a good idea for him to learn to drink with a bit in his mouth.  He tried to figure out how to drink (don't worry there's video below) and made all sorts of cute faces, but the flies were driving him crazy!!  They would not leave him alone.

Then the pawing started.

He pawed and pawed and pawed.  

It took me a minute to realize that he was splashing himself to scare off the flies.  I'm a little slow lol.  I bet you can't guess what happened next....

LOL!  He caught me totally off guard.  I was not expecting him to lay down.  I was upset about the bridle at first, but then realized it didn't matter.  It's just leather and it will clean.  He had fun and I got lots of cool pictures.  :D  Also all of those flies are after I fly sprayed him!  So annoying!  At least his method of fly control seemed to work better than mine hehe.

The rest of the pictures are below.  Enjoy!

Watching Zep rolling in the dirt.  
Donkey doesn't know what he's missing.

I don't know why I bother to brush him haha!
He's trying to look so innocent!

He's so handsome!  Love him!  Below are a few snapshots from the video for those who can't watch it.

"Get it out!  I can't drink!"

Trying to figure out how to drink.

He had so much fun!  Now I have to clean my bridle lol.  It's about time considering I've..... never cleaned it since I got it.  :)


  1. He's so cute! Can't much blame him for trying to get rid of those pesky flies. I couldn't help but laugh when you yelled "Chrome! My bridle! Really?!" Haha

  2. Love the "hands from behind the tree" video. Hehehe.

    Chrome is such a goof, but he is pretty good at fly control.

    Mango Momma

  3. So cute! Chrome just seems like such a fun horse!

  4. How funny, have fun cleaning the bridle, I just finished cleaning all of mine. Took HOURS!!!
    You may want to try calling the chiropractors in your area and asking for their cash price. The ones around me are usually $30-$40 a visit for a cash price. My insurance deductible is also 3k so I know exactly how it is. Good luck, I hope your back feels better soon

  5. Appy, great idea!! I didn't even think about asking for the cash price. I'm so used to just giving my insurance information. I miss the days when insurance actually did what it was supposed to instead of just sucking the money out of me monthly and then having to pay for all of my doctor visits anyway. Sucks! I wish I could just drop it and not carry it anymore. Sigh.

    I was planning to take the bridle apart anyway because I need to take those rings off of the noseband where I had the reins clipped on when I was using it as a sidepull. I'm not sure how it's going to go with my back hurting though.... sitting for that long might not be possible. I hope it gets better too and doesn't drag out another week. It sucks having all my work wasted with the exercise and riding I was doing. Oh well. I need to stop complaining about it. At least I'm catching up on blogs hehehe!

  6. How hilarious is he, he had a blast splashing about in the pond. Best not introduce him to Kika, she too loves water but knock-on - wood so far has rested the urge to lie down in it.
    She & I love nothing more than splashing through puddles together.
    Funny thing is Nancy is quite anti-puddle. She does a funny zig-zaggy jig to avoid getting her toes wet. Thankfully she has no issue with larger bodies of water like a stream or the sea - although she wasn't fond of the foam caused by the waves when we visited the beach - but once in the slightly deeper water where waves were less obvious she was fine again ☺


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