Monday, June 2, 2014

The horses I would like to own someday!

Andrea did a really fun post the other day for fun telling us about the different horses she would like to own someday.  I know I daydream about it and I'm pretty sure all horse owners do.  It's not that we're unhappy with our current horse(s), it's just a whole lot of fun thinking of all the other pretty horses we could have fun with.  :)  So since my back still hurts and the weather has been crap I decided to steal her idea and share which ones I would love to have someday.  By the way, this has been a list that has been building over a lifetime so it's kind of long hehe.

1.   Friesian

Anyone can guess that one lol!  I can't help it.  I'm obsessed.  :)  I originally wanted the tallest Friesian gelding I could find, but as I've gotten older I'd be perfectly happy with one around 15.2-16hh.  A gelding (or if this is a dream world I'd have a stallion that I could show, hopefully get approved -yeah right-, advertise and stand at stud to better improve the breed).  I'd want a baroque type, not these modern types that look like black warmbloods that are popular now.

Like this handsome devil.  Look at those legs!!  This is Wessel by the way.  This is his website.

2.  Lusitano

I also love the Spanish breeds, especially the Lusitano.  They are so athletic and agile.  I would love to have one to do Working Equitation on.  If I'm really dreaming I really, really, really want a dappled buckskin one.

This is Lavrador and here is his website.

A Lusitano doing Working Eq.  Image from Wikipedia.

3.  BLM Mustang

I've always thought it would be really awesome to adopt a wild Mustang and train it myself.... however as I've gotten older I'm beginning to think I really just don't want to start green horses anymore.  Since this is in my dreams however I could have someone else train it for me hehe.  As for type... I want one of the big drafty Mustangs that you sometimes see.  Preferably in black.  :)

This isn't a thick, drafty one, but it's still cute.  
This was from a creepy looking free wallpaper site so I didn't link it.

4.  Appaloosa

I love Appaloosas!  Probably because my mare Lady is one.  My favorite color/pattern is a black blanket.  So gorgeous!!  I've never had a loud Appy (Lady had App characteristics, but only frostings of white in her coat) and a blanket would be awesome.  I also prefer the stocky foundation style Appaloosas over the colored Quarter Horse looking ones you see today lol.  That probably sounds snobby!  Oops!

Image found on Pintrest.  

They may not have had nice tails, but they were definitely stockier!

5.  Miniature Horse

Yes!  I want one!  I love them.  I want to hug it and cuddle it and teach it lots of tricks and let him carry a pack and drive a cart and just be friggin cute!!  Black of course.  With lots of hair hehe.  And look we could do a mini hunter class!

Found this on a cool blog post about mini hunter showing HERE.

6.  Morgan

What's not to love about Morgans?  They are gorgeous and so versatile!  They can do just about anything.  Have you noticed that all of these breeds are on the short side?  When I was younger all of wanted was big tall fancy warmbloods or drafts horses, now I want shorter and closer to the ground haha!  For the Morgan once again I want old, chunky foundation style, not the Saddleseat ones.

7.  Cleveland Bay

I have no idea what I would do with a Cleveland Bay, but ever since I was a teenager I've loved them. They are so gorgeous!  Hey this is a taller breed for once hehe.  I just realized the one in the picture has a very weak loin (and I think what they call wasp waist, but not sure), but in my dreams mine would have perfect conformation.... obviously!  Just admire the pretty dapples hehe.

8.  Mule

I have always loved mules ever since our neighbors down the road got some when I was a kid.  :D  I want a big mammoth mule though, not a tiny one like my neighbor had.  He would be my awesome trail mule.  We could do CTR and even dressage. They are so much fun.

Found on Pintrest

9.  Norwegian Fjord

Okay, seriously who doesn't love Norwegian Fjords??  Ever since I saw their manes I wanted one LOL.  I know dumb reason.  They are awesome ponies though.  I love draft ponies.  :)

10.  Rocky Mountain Horse

I have always thought the Rocky Mountain Horse is gorgeous, but I never really thought about owning one until I got older.  I think having a gaited trail horse when I'm older would be really nice, especially with the way my back has been hurting lately.  :)

11.  Marwari

Okay this is my less attainable one, but would it not be the coolest thing ever to have one of these awesome horses??  LOVE these guys ever since I first saw one in my horse breed encyclopedia book.  :D

I bet you thought this list would never end huh?  Hehe.  Yep that's it.  So those are all of my dream horses.  I don't even necessarily have to own all of them.  I would just love the opportunity to work with, ride and photograph all of them.  :)  So what are all of your favorite breeds that you would love to own someday?  It doesn't have to be a realistic list.  I'm a "one horse" kind of person so I highly doubt I'll come close to owning even a quarter of all of these.  It's just for fun.  Thanks for the post idea Andrea!!


  1. I would like a Fjord. I think they are so cool. Great list!

  2. Great list! I wouldn't even be able to pick a favorite.......I love them all! :-D

  3. I've had a weird Morgan obsession since I was a kid. Seems like most little girls fall in love with Arabs or Paints or something like that... me - I fall in love with Justin Morgan, plain little brown horse. I had to have read the book a million times and begged like a lunatic for the Morgan Breyer (Double Take!). Of course, being in the h/j word they aren't very common. One of these days. One of these days...

  4. I've been in love with Morgans since I was a kid too. Probably not obsessed with them like I am Friesians, but still love them. I'm surprised to hear they aren't popular in the H/J world. They can do anything! Hehe.

  5. My husband says that if he was going to get a horse it would be a Rocky Mountain Horse. He is also a fan of the Norwegian Fjords. Me, while being a true Arabian person at heart, I've always had a thing for Morgans, and I always say if it gets so I'm not able to deal with full sized horses I will have to get a mini. They look like a lot of fun.

    All neat horses!

  6. Great choices! That gray Lusitano doing Working Equitation isn't just any Lusitano :) - that's Oxidado, one of the best WE horses in the world. His rider is Pedro Torres, and this is them in action! And this is an article about them:
    Yes, I'm a HUGE fan of them! :D

    And I can confirm that Rocky Mountain horses are awesome! Gracie, our newest addition, is a Rocky. :)

  7. Thank you for the video Saiph!! I was wondering who he is. It didn't say on Wikipedia. :D


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