Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Favorite Blogs

I've been wanting to do a post sharing my favorite horse blogs, but it's a long process and I hadn't had time to devote to it.  Since the weather is crappy and I'm stuck indoors I figured I would give it a shot.  If I missed any please don't be sad, I've had a bad headache all day and didn't sleep much so I'm not the most organized today.  :)  If I comment on your blog a lot and you aren't on the list just leave a comment with the link and I'll add it to the list.  Also if you regularly read my blog and I don't read/comment on yours leave a link because I'd love to check out your blog!

Pampered Ponies - Aoife lives in Luxembourg and has two gorgeous mares Kika and Nancy.  Kika is a.... actually I don't think I know what breed she is... but she's a pretty mare!  Nancy is a young Friesian/ISH mare.  For some infuriating reason I can't add her blog to my reader so this one is out of alphabetical order hehe.

50+ Horses - This is a blog about life with horses over the age of fifty.  She has three horses Elvis, Bob and Prince.  I've been behind on reading blogs and just caught up and I'm sad to share that she's having to put her sweet Prince down.  If you have a moment please visit and read his story and leave a comment for her.

A Collection of Madcap Escapades - The name says it all!  This blog is so fun.  :D  Dom is a great photographer and she rides endurance.  She has three horses Ozzy, JR and Dancer.  Ozzy is an absolutely gorgeous Standardbred gelding that I just LOVE!  His personality shines in all of his photos.  JR is a Morgan and Dancer is a OTTB.

A Horse Crazy American in Germany - Lytha moved from Seattle to Germany in 2007 and I think her blog is the first one I came across that was in a different country from where I live.  It is so much fun learning about Germany (which I knew very little about)!  After losing her gorgeous gray Arabian gelding Baasha that she'd owned since 1988 (they were together for twenty five years if I'm not mistaken) she found a sweet Arabian mare named Mara.  Mara has a problem with anxiety especially when out on the trail, but they are working through it and learning how to work together.  I love following her progress with Mara and learning more about Germany.

A Work in Progress -  Shannon is a mom to two kids and three horses.  Her horses are Spider a beautiful bay Thoroughbred, Jack a four year old OTTB and Mr. HottSpott an adorable POA.  Also I have to mention her awesome FEI schoolmaster Vinnie  that she recently lost at the age of twenty eight due to complications from tumors.  He will be missed.

Adventures with Shyloh - Allison's horse is an absolutely adorable Haflinger mare named Shyloh.  Allison is a very active blogger and shares lots of great stories and pictures.

Calm, Straight, Forward - A fun blog with great pictures featuring a beautiful gray Thoroughbred gelding named Valentino.  If you can't guess from the blog title they ride dressage.  :D

Chasing The Dream - An eventing blog with two OTTBs, Yankee and her newest addition Bacardi.  I love reading this blog because it always make she smile with her sarcastic and fun sense of humor.  She was recently injured and just moved back to her home state so things might be quiet right now, but trust me you don't want to miss out on this blog.

Derwen Zebadee - A blog about a gorgeous, young Welsh Cob gelding.  She uses clicker training and just started riding him recently.  They are having lots of fun!

Diary of a Young Horse - Suzie got Echo as a yearling and has done the majority of her training herself.  She recently had a baby so the horse blog as been a bit quiet (her baby blog is linked in her most recent post), but it's a great blog to keep an eye on because she'll be back when things settle down.

Okay I just realized I follow way too many blogs and this is going to be a lot of work so I'm splitting them up into ten blogs per post!  Also if anyone wonders why I get so far behind on reading blogs sometimes these posts will explain why because these are just my favorite horse blogs.  I also have dog blogs, photography blogs, miscellaneous blogs and a bunch of other horse blogs that I recently started following that haven't made it to my favorite list yet.  :D

P.S.  I missed one of the A blogs.  I need to get my list more organized.  A Year With Horses - I think most of you are familiar with her blog and if not please check it out!  She writes a lot of great, informative posts and there are a TON of archived posts and series you can read for fun.


  1. What an awesome list! I think you may have helped me find new blogs to follow.

  2. Glad I could help! You're going to be extremely busy after I finish this list. I have probably forty more to post. :D

  3. I'm definitely going to have to check out some of theses that I didn't know about. I'm looking forward to reading your recommendations in future posts :)

  4. I'm definitely going to have to check out some of theses that I didn't know about. I'm looking forward to reading your recommendations in future posts :)

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  6. Gah! Sorry about all of the comments! My iPad just went psycho on me.

  7. LOL! I figured that's what happened. It actually cracked me up!

  8. Wow thanks for the shoutout, what a nuissance that you still can't add my blog to your reader...I wonder why that is!

    PS: Kika is an ISH although her sireline is European from the Zangersheide studbook

  9. Thanks Aoife. I couldn't remember if I'd ever read what Kika is or not lol!

  10. How cool I follow a lot of the same blogs, time for some new ones!

  11. I have met the person that writes A Year With Horses and she is just as sweet and informative in person as she is on the blog.

    Thanks for sharing all of your lists. More blogs to go and follow!

  12. Thanks for the shout out! Loving the list to find new blogs to follow :)

  13. wow you really know my story. you got everything perfect. 1988 it was: )


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