Monday, June 23, 2014

VCMBH: The Simple Life

L. from Viva Carlos asks us:  Other than money, what would make your horse life simpler?

My number one thing would be for Chrome to not have sweet itch!!!!!!  It kills me to see him so itchy and miserable.  His itching makes riding no fun for both of us.  I wouldn't have to schedule all of my activities so that I can be outside spraying him with neem oil right before the buggiest time of day right at dusk (when I need to be cooking supper).  If curing his sweet itch is asking too much then having a barn where I could put him up away from the bugs at dawn and dusk would be on the list.... or having electric fences, no trees and brush and less heat and humidity so that he could wear a fly sheet, boots and mask.  Of course if I were to put fly gear on him I'd have to get rid of Zep too because he would just tear all of it off.

Thanks for giving us a chance to complain and rant L. hehe!!

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  1. I could see how that would be a lot of work! Poor guy (and you).

  2. Does Ultrashield help? It is what I use on my horses and it works really well. Lay it on until the hair is noticeably damp and it lasts several days for me

  3. Selling Dancer would make my horse life simpler. Then all my horses would be at one barn and I wouldn't break the bank every month and I'd have more time to enjoy Ozzy and JR. The extra cash would be nice too...

  4. aww I hope he gets over his sweet itch soon.


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