Sunday, June 15, 2014

Liberty Action Shots

After my short ride yesterday I put Chrome in the round pen and got some action shots which I've been dying to do for a while.  My hubby took some of them (like the awesome one above) and I took some of them, but I can't remember which.  It was getting late and the light was low so my camera was being very, very slow, so some are blurry and some are overexposed (the ones I changed to black and white).  Disregarding all of that I love them!  So happy to have them.  :D

Weird pony showing he can use his back when he wants to lol.

 He started out super lazy... as usual.

 .... but then got amped up!!! He was having fun!

 Big trot!  LOVE!

 This was during a trot to canter transition.. weird but cool!

 They've moved my poles around hehe, but look he's using his hocks!

Then Jackal got involved (and scolded lol).  I LOVE this photo!

The more Chrome ran around the more amped up he got and eventually he was dragon snorting and starting to sweat so I let him come to me and stand with his head by my shoulder until his breath returned to normal.  I didn't want him to get too hot... poor baby, so tired... the abuse of having to trot around (that's heavy sarcasm by the way)........ yeah as soon as I turned him loose from the round pen and walked off toward the house he bolted into the pasture and started running circles and bucking and then he attacked the donkey and they played like I haven't seen them play in a while!!!  I guess he wasn't tired and hot after all LOL!!  I'm glad he waited to get his bucks out until after I got off!!


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  2. Sounds like he was happy to get that quality time with Mom.

  3. Awesome shots! LOVE the energy he exudes!


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