Friday, June 27, 2014

My Favorite Blogs II

I missed a couple again... I should have organized my reader before I started this list!

All Gear No Skill - Story's blog has been quiet lately too.  I guess we all just get busy in the summer hehe.  Story has a pretty Arabian mare named Dee.

All In - I'm waaaay behind on Karley's blog (sorry!), but she has two horses.  A very hunky OTTB Henry and an adorable young QH colt Grayson that she got back in November.  I love reading about baby horses!

Dressage Training Journal - Carol has several horses but the star of the blog is a gorgeous dappled gray warmblood gelding Rogo that she bought as a young horse and started in classical dressage herself.  Her blog has been quiet lately too because she finally realized her dream of opening her own equestrian center and has been busy building and running it.

Fantastyk Voyage - This is another blog that has gone very quiet and I miss it a lot.  She has several horses, but the one that drew me in is a gorgeous black Arabian filly named Yalla! that is the same age as Chrome so we were going through all the baby raising and training together.  I'm still hoping she will come back to blogging someday.  She shares a lot of gorgeous pictures.  And she loves David Bowie and names all of her blog post titles after his lyrics!  Hehe.

From Wingman to Witching Hour - Another one that is busy and hasn't been posting!  Frizzle has a gorgeous Thoroughbred gelding Salem.

Grey Horse Matters - She takes great pictures and has several beautiful horses, but I'm behind on this blog as well so I'm not really sure what they are up to right now.  I need to get caught up!

Hard To Handle - She is going to school for nursing right now so she's been too busy to post as well.  She has a Paint mare named Pippi and an adorably mini named Chance.  Her mom blogs about Pippi too and I'll share her blog below.

Hoofprints of Kaspin - I originally started following Janine's blog because of her young Friesian gelding Enzo, but sadly he died unexpectedly of a genetic aortic rupture.  :(  Her other horse is a gorgeous Haflinger gelding Kaspin.

 I Pick CRAZY! - This is the other blog about Pippi.  Hard to Handle is Emme's daughter's blog.

In Omnia Paratus - This is another one where I was drawn in because she has a young horse named Griffin and not to mention her GORGEOUS Siberian Husky Kenai.  Liz's other horse is a gorgeous Arabian mare named Q.  She has a lot of great photos too!  Just check out the blog header picture!

I'll post more tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for listing these. I see a few I didn't know about. It is sad that so many bloggers have slowed down or stopped blogging, but I understand.

    My perception is that there used to be more of a horse blogging community where everyone chatted and supported one another, kind of like what I'm seeing on Facebook now. Facebook comments are almost always positive and friendly. I guess it helps to have a "Like" button.

    However, nowadays very few people comment on blogs, and when they do, it is sometimes to personally attack or criticize the blogger. (I appreciate the times you have come to my aid when trolls have done that to me.) Anyway, I think the whole culture of blogging has changed enough that most people just aren't motivated to stick around.

  2. There's a couple here I hadn't seen yet as well, thanks for the list.

  3. Nuzmuz I think you're right and so many people are switching over to Facebook because it's easier. I have a Facebook account for Chrome but I just don't enjoy it as much as I do the blogs. I think a lot of people just get burned out on blogging too because it can be so time consuming but I keep them in my list in hope they will come back.

  4. Definitely some faves on this list.

  5. Thanks for the mention! And thanks for the list. I see a few that are new to me but look like great ones to follow.

    I'm planning to do an overhaul of my blog sometime soon. Still lots to write about!

  6. Glad to hear it Story! I look forward to seeing the changes and catching up with what is going on. :D

  7. Interestingly enough, I follow 7 of the blogs on your last list and only 1 on this one. Cool, more reading to do!


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