Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's Hot!

I don't know if you can see it very well, but in these pictures Chrome's chest and shoulders are sweaty.... from just standing around!! Yes, it's that hot and humid.  So between the heat and my back he's been doing a lot of this...


Not that he's complaining.  He LOVES mowing the lawn for me.  ;)  The good news is my back is feeling much better!!  I hate taking medicine, so I was just toughing it out... then my hubby said, "You know your back is inflamed right?  It won't get better if you don't take an anti inflammatory.  Not to mention gimping around because you are in pain and compensating for sore muscles is the reason one side hurts and then the other."  Uh.. duh... so I took some ibuprofen and within an hour felt much better!!  After two days of taking ibuprofen (two, twice a day) I have basically zero back pain.  I didn't take any today just to make sure I'm not masking the pain. I don't want to overdo it if I'm still injured.  So far, so good.  If I'm still not in pain tomorrow (and actually manage to sleep) I might try riding.  Keep your fingers crossed!! Oh and it's been sunny outside so everything in general is just looking up for me hehe.  I'm telling you I run on solar power.. when it's cloudy and rainy for a week my batteries are drained and my mood declines.  Hehe.  Night guys!


  1. He doesn't look TOO miserable. ;-)

    I'm the same way about medicine. I try to avoid taking it but sometimes you just have to. :-)


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