Thursday, June 19, 2014

Moldy Bread

Stupid me sat a bag of moldy white bread outside to carry out to the compost and forgot about it.... then my hubby let Chrome and Zep out to graze and they found it.  They ate about half a loaf (not sure which one ate it or if they both got some).... it was really moldy, covered in nasty green.  The vet said it shouldn't hurt them and to just make sure they have plenty of hay, but I can't help worrying because that's just how I am.  Have any of your horses ever gotten into moldy bread?  Did it hurt them??

I was busy all day with the kitchen stuff, so I didn't have time to do Chrome's progress report but I'll do it tomorrow.

Thanks in advance for any advice or reassurances...


  1. All the bread we buy is made fresh in a local bakery with no preservatives, so a loaf only lasts a couple days. As soon as it starts to get moldy, I feed it to the donkey and horse. A little green corner won't hurt them, I think, cuz I often eat moldy cheese by mistake. Most people believe it's safer to dry the bread out first - all horses in Germany eat old bread, I cannot overexaggerate this. Buckets of old bread can be found in every barn.

    I wouldn't feed bread that was completely green though.

    My friend's horse ate a plastic sack and was fine. I got the sack as a gift when it came out a week later. Smelly gift.

  2. omg did i say "overexaggerate"? where do i get this stuff?

  3. They are fine this morning so I'm hoping the vet was right and that it wasn't enough to hurt them.


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